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1 Layout, 6 Color Schemes 5 Layouts + 6 Options per layout Over 50 Different Looks  Over 50 Different Looks   
 Custom Design Hours  0.5 1 4 12  
 Additional Design Cost/Hr  $75 $75 $75 $65  
 Estimated Set-up Time  1 Business Day 3-5 Business Days 1-2 Weeks 3-4 Weeks  
 RETS Feed  X  X X X  
 Mobile Responsive  X X X X  
 Email & Phone Support   Email Only X X X  
Search Engine Friendly  X X X  
 Home Page w/  X X X X  
   - Intro  X X X X  
   - Quick Search  X X X X  
   - Map or Slideshow  Map Either Either Either  
Property Search  X X X X  
Schools   X  X X X  
Mortgage Calculator  X X X X  
Contact Us  X X X X  
 Logos in Footer (all applicable)  X X X X  
 Residential  X X X X  
    - Subcategories  X X X X  
 Land  X X X X  
    - Subcategories   Add-on  Add-on X $50
 Multi-Family  X X X X  
    - Subcategories    Add-on Add-on X $50
 Commercial  X X X X  
    - Subcategories    Add-on Add-on X $50
 Newsletter Software    X X X  
 Content Manager    X X X  
 Unlimited Pages    X X X  
 Featured Listings    X X X  
 Featured Agent    X X X  
 New Listings    Add-on X X $50
Our Agents    X X X  
 Blog (latest items feed)    Add-on Add-on X $50
 Social Media Icons    X X X  
 Social Network Integration*      Add-on X $75
 YouTube/Vimeo     Add-on X $75
 Client Area      Add-on X $50
   -  Watchlist      Add-on X $50
Google Analytics Set-up  X  X  X X  
 XML Sitemap Submission  X  X  X X  
 Minor Customization to Listing Data      X  X  
 Auto Responders        X  
 Your Own Design        X  
 Dedicated Project Manager  X  X  X  X  
 Interview with Lead Designer        X  
 Maintenance/Support**  Starting at $75/month Starting at $125/month Starting at $150/month Starting at $175/month  
 Cost with All Add-ons  N/A $1300 $2000 Included  

 * This will integrate all Joomla! Articles with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Post a new message, and it will be simultaneously posted to social network pages. 

 ** This price does not include additional design hours that may be requested by client during the month.