Brand New Product Launch

The Best Real Estate Website Technology

BizBOOM! has partnered with the developer's of iPALS to bring you the ultimate in real estate websites. iPALS brings a RETS feed (MLS Listings)directly onto your hosting server-no more iframes that are pulling information from an unrelated website. For SEO purposes, this is the best solution.

Why? The majority of the current MLS listing feeds being sold to agents by the big names in the industry are merely an IDX listing feed, which contrary to their advertisements are NOT SEO friendly. The fact is, the product they are selling is simply made to appear that the listings are on your website to the public-the search engine spiders know differently. The search engine spiders will visit each page on your website hosting server, they will not leave your site and "count" offsite pages as your website. BizBOOM! in conjunction with iPALS provide a MLS listings feed that actually is on your hosting server and property listing pages will be "counted" as being a part of your site.

Additionally, IDX is updated once every 24 hours, twice if you're lucky-our new solution can update much more often. Don't your clients deserve the most updated MLS listing information available?

Real Estate Website with RETS Listings Feed