Thursday, 29 January 2015 16:00

IDX or RETS Feed for Real Estate

As a Realtor myself, having the most up to date MLS listing information available for my clients and/or potential clients on my websites is a huge priority. From a non-technical point of view you may be wondering-I see listings on my website, all of the products out there are pretty much the same right? There is acutally a huge difference in the variety of products out there that will directly affect your website ranking and the quality of your presentation. Let's look at a few key terms: IDX (Internet Data Exchange) this is merely the definition of data exchange between a Realtor members website and their local MLS. How this happens will be explained a bit further down. Iframes is merely an offsite link, meaning that although the MLS search and listings appear to be on your site, in reality you are not adding any content to your actual website. Listings are being pulled from an offsite huge database that is fed to 1000's of other agents. There is absolutely no SEO benefit in using this option because you are not adding actual content to your own personal website. Additionally, your data is updated once maybe twice if you're lucky. RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standard) also used to provide listing and transaction data to broker's and agent's websites. This protocol standard is where the industry is moving to. The key elements of RETS are the ability to customize how the allowed data is displayed, updates are available as frequently as once an hour, and you actually have content (the MLS listings) added to your physical website which is essential for great SEO. In order to utilize this feed, BizBOOM has partnered with the developers of iPALS-which converts the data from your local MLS, using only your personal MLS login and deliver a readable, SEO friendly solution for your real estate clients. We have a variety of website designs and options to fit your needs and budget-does your website need help? Call us today! 530-354-1380
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